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No place for an Autistic

Updated: May 15, 2020

Autistic people in our country are an abandoned group who have to find their own way and look after their own needs.

Those who are severely autistic are considered a burden from birth by the society for their families and for the community as a whole. They are tagged like that by those people who have no role in raising them up or taking care of their needs. Similarly for people like me who are on the spectrum but are referred to as high functioning adult life is not easy.

Once you have completed education and are looking for job opportunities all hell will break loose. One needs to be prepared for the unforeseen because the kind of job that you may be looking actually may not exist. Even if you find your favorite job you may find it difficult to adjust to the work environment because in our country people don’t respect personal space or have any sense of how to act in a public setting.

The shear amount of external stimuli that one may have to face on a regular basis in a workplace setup will surely send us into a meltdown. One cannot always have their caregivers to be around to help one go through the suffering. We autistic people are great in masking and have learned over years how to mask these issues so that the world won’t see that internally we all are screaming for help and some peace.

Our workplace are not friendly for autistic people and one has to continue to suffer for long hours just to ensure they are able to make it through the life. Not every autistic born on this planet turns out to be scientist or owner of some business. Many of us are part of the other fields which help us earn the bare minimum to sustain us.

Recently few organizations have came forward to impart life skills to autistic individuals so that they can work and manage their life on their own but the work environment and work culture needs to be changed across the country to make us feel included.

The idea of hiring someone on the spectrum and then giving them a menial job is not good and is also demeaning. Employers need to find the actual potential of the person and use them appropriately and in a nurturing environment where the individual can grow. We are autistic and we are not deaf or blind. One can hear people talk behind their back and one can see how the colleagues act and react to their presence.

Employers need to sensitize their workforce about autism and need to include more number of individuals who are on the spectrum in their office space. An autistic person lives his or her life with rules. Many times, these rules are what define us and these rules are what an employer can use to get the best out of their employees.

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