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Asperger's in India

Updated: May 15

Asperger's in India

People in India are still not comfortable with the fact that someone can be suffering from a mental health or neurological health issue. For many of them it's a hush hush topic and something that shouldn't be discussed out loud.

I am an adult with late diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. It mean I am a high functioning autistic. My brain is wired differently than the rest of the population and this is the reason why I act and react in a different manners to various things. For example I am highly empathetic and can most of the time feel the feeling of other people.

No two autistic people are same and that's why it is called a spectrum disorder. People on the spectrum show various different kind of traits and hence may seem to be someone who are living in their own world.

Autism is still not well understood by the masses in our country and that is why many people are left undiagnosed throughout their life. One major reason for this is the awkwardness and fear of talking to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. A general term that is used for such people is “pagal” and “pagalo ka doctor” which means that the person who goes to these people is a nutcase or mental.

One needs to understand that our brain reacts to these issues such as depression, anxiety, panic etc in the same manner as our physical body reacts to injuries and pain. We as humans have always feared the unknown and things that can not be seen and hence have never been able to talk about mental health. Just like we go to a doctor without hesitation in case of physical injury it shouldn't be difficult for us to go to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist in case of mental health issues.

Autism is a vast subject and very little study have been done on this in our country, in our cultural context. If people are more acceptable and open to accept it easily, things could be made easy for people like me who are still not diagnosed and are living in fear and have been branded weird or “pagal” by their peers.


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